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φ = 1,61803399 – perfection by simplicity and self-similarity

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Optimal proportions and form of extension in the evolution
Fibonacci sequence - fibonaccigauge – the golden section in nature
describes the optimal proportions and form of extension in the evolution.

The creatures in the flora and fauna can especially adhere to their phenotype,
if they can get well in their environment with just this form.

The evolution enables the continuous improvement and updating.
Organic life forms golden section achieve that,
they seem to have reached their evolutionary goal.

When horses changed dramatically for example?
The horses look manufactured by the contours and proportions
for eternal time like today.

We need to understand only the structure according to the Fibonacci sequence
and transfer to the things, we create and processes
and check things out with a fibonaccigauge.

The Fibonacci sequence, also called golden section,
is applicable to all things surrounding us without.

We make the original Fibonacci gauge
The design optimization with a Golden Ratio Caliper
The design of thing and space with the proportions of nature according to the golden section
creates familiarity and operated human vision habit.

The design optimization with a Golden Ratio Caliper accelerates the process of structuring.
Depending on the object, a proportion circle can be applied directly to the contours.
It doesn't can be targeted by far.
Occasion for the use of the Fibonacci gauge is the necessary use of rules during the design.
Good design is aimed to meet expectations.
Unfortunately too often enters the individual taste of the designer in the foreground.
This restricts the possible target audience but unnecessarily.
My Golden Ratio Caliper of beech wood helps you work efficiently and reliably.
It eliminates the measuring and computing.
The design optimization with a Fibonacci gauge accelerates the process of structuring and
secures the use of rules during the design.
Learn the phenomenon of the Golden number to know
The sequence of Fibonacci numbers is defined by
an infinite sequence of numbers,
in which each new number resulting from the sum of the two preceding numbers.
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, ...
If you count together two adjacent numbers,
to get the next number: 1 + 1 = 2, 1 + 2 = 3, etc.

This relationship is called the "golden section".
It appears in almost all the sciences, nature and art.

Use the Fibonacci calculator for free
Calculation of golden section mobile on tablet or smartphone
ideal on the road and at work

Determine the ideal points according to the golden section.
Enter the known value of a line,
then the both other missing tracks are displayed immediately.

Choose your fibonaccigauge
We produce and sell Fibonacci gauge.
We use stored beech wood.
The compasses are available in different sizes.
We sell golden ratio calipers within Western Europe via the Web shop
In this zone, we provide free shipping.
In other delivery areas modified shipping costs.
For this situation, you go following route, please.
Please send the completed order form to us.
We determine the actual shipping costs.
You will receive an email with the actual price.
If you agree, you will receive an invoice via PayPal.
We ship the package immediately after receipt of payment.

The arrangement of elements in the viewport
Golden section – design - describes the arrangement of the individual elements in the viewport
as well as shape and form of the whole picture and item design, layout and Web design.

In the development of logos and pictograms is to pay attention to a particularly simple form.
Also pay attention to unity, to avoid confusion and achieve an immediate identification.
Man can immediately see for example following shapes: triangle, square and circle.
Only after including the "circle" is defined, is more accurately seen out: ah, not a circle, yet round, i.e. ellipse or oval.

Everyone knows the Mercedes star in the district.
This symbol or logo is so striking, that anyone could think of, to mimic.
Here, a triangle in a circle is implemented.
It is hardly easier and genius.
Would they now develop a logo that is not quite so simple, you necessarily consider the golden section.
This means that two elements in the ratio 1.618 to each other.
With a Fibonacci gauge, you determine the ratio of golden section in the blink of an eye.

The golden ratio can be applied also in parts.
So a surface or a curved line might left larger and thicker than on the right.
Then for example the total track length is and the thickness of the page rewrites the long line,
the slim page goes to zero or fits as a short line in the grid.
In case of doubt, you tried different models.
The concept for the design of an object, exactly the same path can be walked.
It is made a sketch of the frontal view.
It can be optimized now selecting the level 1.618 and the width 1.
You cut then draws lines in accordance with the Golden Ratio vertically and horizontally on the surface.
Thus four possible ideal points are fixed.
Momentum to be generated, the starting point for a guided look string is placed top left and the target below right.
Left above explanatory text for example,
middle position an accompanying comment of moderators,
right below the product image,
or a put call to action button.

Consciously perceptible spacing underscores episodes, series and process sequences.
Also in the layout are used preferably in it marked kind of the golden section.
Individual elements are arranged, we use questions immediately by clear statements by positioning.
So, processes are so marked with arrows that without great explanation whether they mutually and expire one after the other or start parallel right together is clear.
One must be aware of the designers in the development.
The art of the commodity may not overlay the purpose and distort.
There is also wonderful tool, you can still see the after design relaunch, what it is.
The golden ratio can be observed as well in Web-Design.
Logo, text position and all necessary areas should be arranged according to the golden section proportion.
A Web page is also an "image" with form and shape in the direct field of vision.
Clear shape - circle, square, or triangle - ensures a figure to be detected quickly, allows fast and intuitive to use, and generates trust through clarity in the structure.

Rooms, which are quickly can be found along, are gladly visited and recommended.
This applies to Web pages like for all other visual means of communication.

Once again: Demanding is appealing.
What is clear and clearly formulated is appealing.
Simple design, for repeatable rules constructed design allows a serious design, with preferably according to the golden ratio.
Then it sure meets expectations of shape and form.

design and brain - what is the process
Golden section - design and brain - what is the process
in the primary visual cortex structure and creates the object evaluation.

The occipital lobe is responsible for the processing of visual impressions.
This creates a basis in the primary visual cortex
by each point of the Visual field is scanned lines and edges, movement and color.

The areas of the secondary visual cortex develop more complex perceptions by means of this information.
The process of processing in the brain is structured, rapidly and accurately.

The first stage begins in the retina.
Ganglia cells in the retina are responsible for the processing of colors or including the movements.
The analysis of information starts in the primary visual cortex V1.
In the visual cortex, but also in the higher regions of the brain such as the temples lobe,
there are numerous neuron groups, which are responsible for the detection of certain patterns,
for example colors, stimuli from the horizontal or triangles.

This recycled information arrives via the dorsal processing pathway to the parietal cortex
and the ventral line of the processing to the lobe temporalis.
Through the decentralized organization and defined expiration procedure,
Visual stimuli, so pictures, are systematically analyzed and evaluated.

Ever, it may happen that an image viewer to seethe holistic person is tired, he does not know this or that.
However, his brain processes an incoming image
but always according to the same scheme,
focused always in the same order.
We should deduce, that we oppose maybe new stimuli, new images the Viewer, that must be really always the same or very similar to the composition and the structure.
So, the brain can more quickly match the current image with already provided.
An object rating is so possibly emitted from time of normal process result in a fraction.
This speed advantage can be crucial in detecting signals in the security,
the range of potential customers and
the success of illustrations in teaching materials.
On warning signs, product images, as well as in textbooks the golden ratio should be applied so strictly.
These proportions are the brain so much known, because already the DNA in this structure is built.
Someday you can prove that a Golden Ratio Caliper of FibonacciGauge is virtually incorporated in the brain scans of the images.
This then explains why exactly the possible four points according to the golden section when viewing an image are focused.

golden section - design and image - visual language
Golden section - design and image - visual language works,
if the definition of the contents of the Viewer without explanation is detected.

Images are a prerequisite for language.
Children learn language through picture books,
road users should be made aware of signs on traffic rules.

If you get told anything about another person,
that's not enough,
you want to make up your own image of the person.

The visual impression is not meant to replace by a declaration, the seen is influenced at most by a comment.
If we now formulate a task in the design in an image, we pay attention to the outline, the choice of color and dynamics.

However, what makes the viewer with our image is essential.
For us, it is very important that he makes something at all.
If we succeed, that he thinks at least unconsciously while watching, our picture message is ever installed on the way.
He, the viewer has at least a basic expectation.
Unconsciously, he captures the contour.
To do this he needs guidance through a "reference point" of the contour, and it is located in the golden ratio.
At the four points, the image Center is expected - not just in the middle.
We would always compensate and find balance.
Due to the fact that but in nature everything in motion, we are accustomed to this liveliness and want to actively compensate for.
The viewer examines the possible four points in the image in a fraction of a second,
then he moves on.
What should be seen first, is positioned accordingly in accordance with golden section.

We all know the holiday picture with the wide sea.
The task in the design of the image can be to emphasize the incredible distance to the horizon.
To the horizon line is placed so that up to the top 5 eighth and the bottom 3 eighth-note of the total height of the image remain.
To improve, a particularly close element is added: the obligatory flower branch or a part of the building.
This element protrudes well please on the side but just as in the image, rather like a frame.
In any case clear less than 3 eighths of the entire image width.
So focuses the observer the horizon still first, then swings to the Middle element.
It recognizes it as a particularly close and therefore concludes that the first seen, the horizon is not close, so far away.
The branch at the edge of the image is the reference point for the removal.

Visual language is no secret, you need only see, observe and conclude.

Design and in particular the design according to the golden section is the formulation and the implementation of nature observation and behavior observation in the means of communication of image.

Golden Ratio Caliper - Create perfect objects with a Fibonacci gauge by simply keeping it or locating.
Create perfect objects with a Fibonacci gauge by simply keeping it or locating.

Goldener Zirkel ® - das Original von Franz Joachim Zimmermann - Kaarst - Germany

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